Top 5 Occasions to Plan for a Musical Surprise for Your Loved Ones

We all like listening to music and it is our favourite pastime. Obviously, everyone has different tastes in music and we play our favorite ones on our wish. Some people like jazz, some like rock, some like pop music  and some like classical music. Music is played to remark the special event with soulful melodies & rhythm and sometimes just for the name of it.

Music is pleasing and soothing to hear & express feeling that can’t be expressed in mere words. It displays love, passion, and closeness between people.

Musical surprise is suitable for almost any occasion and also is a good gift for music lovers, but here is our top 5 pick of occasions that are essential to include music in it:

  • Birthday

The most famous music in the whole world has to be the happy birthday song. A birthday without a ‘Happy Birthday Song’ is incomplete, sung by all of the close ones of yours that include friends, family, office colleagues and other loved ones.  It sometimes involves a surprise when a guitarist music or band master plays music on your birthday with a tint of surprise elements.

Are you wondering how to host house concerts for kid’s birthday party?

The occasion of birthday event is celebrated by a musical surprise to make your loved one move gracefully. For a kid’s birthday party it is a good option to add guitar music surprise as kids love music and do not hesitate to dance & enjoy themselves throughout.
You must be knowing your little one’s favorite song! So, why not surprise your kid with a creative musical surprise idea?

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  • Anniversary

A wedding anniversary also a perfect occasion for playing guitar music. A couple always knows each other’s likes & dislikes in music. So, surprise the couple with the favorite songs of both playing one after the other in a pleasant manner. A musical surprise would make the moments last forever.  This surprise with music would make the couple feel like hero and heroine of a movie.!

  • Valentine’s day

Turn your place into a romantic venue filled with beautiful romantic music when your loved one arrives back after a long day at work. Imagine the happiness and the smile that will cover his face. The talented musical experts are there for a fun and entertaining surprise – The fantastic musical ideas are sure to impress your sweetheart on this day of love and romance.

Make that Valentine’s Day dinner just a little more special with a surprise performance of live music at home.  

  • Engagement

Are you unfortunately going to miss your loved one’s engagement?  You can make these joyous occasion count by arranging musical surprise for the happy couple.

A wedding is a blissful occasion where two individuals take vows to spend their entire life together. It is a significant event in one’s life where the couple receives wishes and blessings from their family members. If your best friend is about to get married in a few days, you must be call for a  surprise with music. Make the beautiful couple dance to the rhythm of the song and get absorbed in the melody of the song.

  • Farewell

You want give your colleagues a gift to show your appreciation as well as give him an alluring goodbye. After all, they are your extended family away from home who always come up with the best solutions for your work problems. Get them a musical surprise at their workplace to enjoy these last departing moments in glory.


Why Should i look for birthday party planners when i can organise myself?

Are you looking for birthday celebration in bangalore of someone special in your life? Arranging birthday party for your bestie or your loved ones is very exciting but sometimes it might be really frustrating. There are a list of items that need to be taken care of… right  from selecting the theme for the birthday party to decorating the event to organising exciting birthday games and activities, dining & catering and many many more loads of work.

Hiring a professional birthday party planners in bangalore will help you to plan and execute all your wishes towards a memorable birthday bash. Here are benefits of hiring a team of expert birthday party organisers in  bangalore.

Enjoy the best birthday Party in bangalore

If you are thinking of organising birthday party for the first time, then you may not be aware of all the big  and little things that need to be taken care of. Thinking of creative and fun birthday party ideas to make the party interesting can be hectic & time consuming sometimes. Even after planning it all getting it executed is a whole new challenge on its own.

So why not delegate this work to the professional birthday organisers in bangalore and give your requirements to them so that all the the tasks can be executed while you enjoy the party.

You too can have all the Fun

If you are planning the to execute the tasks on your own, then it might be impossible for you to enjoy the birthday party with your loved ones. You will be busy in making sure that everything goes according to the plan and if anything goes wrong it will be a big burden on you to fix it within time.

Getting some help from the skilled team of birthday event planners in bangalore, will take all your stress away and give you a huge relief where you can just sit and enjoy while they do all the heavy lifting and organize a fantastic birthday party for you.

Everything is taken care of

If you hire a team of skilled of party planners for birthday party in bangalore then you just have to book the birthday party package you like, and let the party planners know few specifications like – date of party and time, party venue, number of guests and others.

They will help you select from all the unique and creative birthday party themes, recommend birthday venues, provide for all the birthday decorations, birthday party arrangements, birthday games and fun activities as per your preferences.

The birthday planners in bangalore are certain to take care of every tiny little requirement to make sure that you and your guests can have a great time. They not only help you to throw a superb birthday party but also help you to organize age appropriate birthday party activities and entertainment.

Save Time, Effort and Money

Most people think that if we organise birthday party on our own then it may be less expensive, which is absolutely wrong. The truth being if you organise birthday party on your own you might end up spending much more than planned. An expert birthday party planner looks after everything within your budget.

But if you plan the birthday party all by yourself you will end up spending much more than you thought as you may not have complete knowledge. Therefore a well planned and organised  birthday surprise in bangalore will ensure that you get your perfect birthday party executed within the given budget.

Top 6 Ideas for Throwing a Surprise Party that are Ideal for Any Occasion

It is not easy to find best  surprise party ideas for a big occasion. It is just a matter of several factors that make a party successful. Thus, one needs to get all those aspects on point to stun their best friends with surprise birthday celebration ideas.

We know that you are looking for some fascinating ideas to host an exciting surprise party for your loved ones.

Birthday Surprise Ideas

Birthdays are super special and there are full proof reasons why you should be celebrating them. Is Planning a comprehensive birthday surprise with best surprise party planners for bestie getting tricky for you.

Well, here are some awesome birthday surprise ideas to impress their loved ones instantly.

  • A Walk to the Memory Lane

If you want the birthday champ to never lose his smile and bring back to him all the beautiful memories then this is one of the best birthday surprises you can find. It is really simple place a few helium balloons in their room behind which all his photograph from childhood will be hung on the wall. A photo says thousand words so impress them this special birthday surprise idea.

  • A Car Makeover

Give their car a new look and customize it as per the occasion. Define a special look to the car with celebratory decoratives like balloons, confetti, banners etc. If it is a birthday of your best friend then wish them a very happy birthday with this surprise idea

Anniversary Surprise Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a pretty big occasion as it marks the milestone of your successful marriage. Arrange a surprise party for your better half and celebrate this day with our superb anniversary surprises.

  • Photo Booth

Since it is a grand occasion for the married couple and their family, there is a need to capture each and every special moment by setting up a photobooth. Add more anniversary themed props to make the booth more interactive and entertaining.

  • A video Tribute

Pay a tribute to the beautiful relationship of the couple over years with a video collage that will be played in front of all the close ones. A lovely video to demonstrate the couple’s journey of love.

Other Party Surprise Ideas

Surprise Parties are very dear to the heart of the recipient. Here are Party ideas that are suitable for any special occasion that is

  • Treasure Hunt Surprise

You can arrange some surprise gifts all around the house before the party. Once the party starts play a game of treasure hunt where the loved one will be getting clues based on which they need to find out the gifts. It will be more exciting as their desperation increase with each gift.

  • House Full of Balloons

Take the key of his house and sneak in while they are asleep to fill the entire house with colorful balloons wishing ‘happy birthday’. Every single room they enter they will find nothing but balloons everywhere. You can make it even more interesting by pasting birthday messages on all the doors in the house. Truly a surprise that can win their hearts over.

5 Kids Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Kids nowadays are more straightforward and clear with what they want in their birthday party. Parents are trying to provide for the best kids birthday party and thus they’re transforming their homes into a dream world. But when it comes down to it, kids just want to have fun, and it’s not necessary for parents to go all out for kids to have a good children’s birthday party.

Now how do you host a kids birthday party that matches their expectations and does not strains on your budget?

Looking forward to throwing an awesome party this year? We’ve got you sorted! Here are our best birthday celebration ideas for kids  that are inspired by the topmost birthday ideas for kids.

Consider these kids party ideas that are inexpensive and entertaining at the same time:

A Room Makeover

Decorate their room with their favourite theme of cartoon or color. Turn all the items in the room to their desired theme right from sketches, frames, blanket etc. the kid will be dissolved in the beauty of room and live in it with utmost delight.

Ball Pit

If you are seeking unique birthday party ideas, try this one. Buy a kid size swimming pool and throw in loads of colorful balls. Watch their reaction as they could not resist playing in that pool.  

Dance Party

Add music to the party and make it super fun with a fun dance party. Parents also like to watch kids enjoy dancing with each other in an exciting dance party. This  kids birthday party idea is sure to add all the fun and excitement in the party.

Pizza party

Make the guests indulge in a delectable meal with this special idea for kids birthday party

Any party is incomplete without the main course. Have the kids feast on their favourite food that is pizza. Admire their lovely expressions and playful behaviour while they are eating food.

Balloon Blast behind the Closed Door

Stack a bunch of colorful balloons behind the door. Make sure you place them in such a manner that the balloons rush up to the kid who opens the door. As soon as the gate opens, the birthday champ would not only be welcomed with balloons but also be greeted with everyone in the party. The best way to organize this surprising idea is to stack up to the balloons just before the party outside their bedroom.
These above kids party ideas are especially useful if you are looking for ideas that are extraordinary and under your budget

5 Splendid Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are Surely Win Her Over

A Mother is the most valuable gift that has been bestowed by god. A Mother acts like a secure shield for us who protects us from all the problems that can cause harm to us. Mother doesn’t ever express her grievances about her problems and tries to always focus on the family’s problems.

The mother’s day is celebrated to express the care and affection to such beautiful mother. This day is significant for the child as well as mothers. On this Special day of mothers we should try to make our Mother’s joyful and make her forget all her tensions, at least for this day. Go through our mother’s day ideas and give her unique mother’s day gifts.

The love, sacrifice, care, and kindness of a mother is immeasurable. It is definite that no words can express our gratitude or appreciation to our mothers. Mother’s day is a great opportunity to show your love and heartfelt emotions to your mom. Present your mother with a special and unique mother’s day gifts that are sure to impress her.

Here are 5 best last minute mother’s day gift ideas from all the mother’s day gifts online:

Balloons Bouquet

Bring a bunch of helium balloons and Put a cut out of ‘MOM’ to 3 of the balloon strings. Now attach the balloons to her bed or table. The gorgeous display will sweep her off her feet and make her feel special

I love You Chocolates

A personalised mother’s day gift that will show your love beautifully.

Tasty Chocolates on which it is written ‘I Love You” that will be delicious and luxurious at the same time. Mom will surely love it and your love will be tasted by her in the form of  edible i love you chocolates.

Pop Up Cards

For Mothers living far away yet very close to your heart, make a plain card turn into a 3 dimensional flower that spreads your love just like roses.  A gorgeous mother’s day gift idea that turns a greeting card into a special flower arrangement.

Special Tea Bags

Show your caring love to your mother with a special tea bags of her favourite flavour that will have a heartfelt message of Love you attached to it. With all these special mother’s day gift ideas make her feel extra special

Diy beautyEvery women loves to take care of herself and strives to make herself look young. Your mother is no different she likes a skincare treatment. Prepare a DIY beauty treatment for your mom with a beneficial pack that will make her skin glow like a light. These mother’s day ideas will impress her and appreciate her in its own way.

5 Best Friendship Day Gifts to Build the Happiest Moments with Your Friend

Be it sorrow or happiness. Be it high or low. Your friend has always been there, for whose love and support means the world to you, that is a true friend.

For all these struggles and happiness of life needs to be celebrated and thus there is no better day of celebrating than friendship day. Although Friendship day comes once in a year  its memories last forever! So, let them know how much they mean to you and make them feel special with best friend gifts. A token of friendship that will be remembered forever.

Here is a list of top 5 gift ideas for friends that will make this friendship day memorable:

  • Personalized Friendship Bands – One of the most popular best friend gifts that you can give. Rather than giving convention wristbands, you can opt for personalised bands that are extra special and that can get the recipient attached to it.
  • Exclusive Gift Hampers for Friendship Day – A whole bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates can be presented as gift hamper. Add a heartfelt note or message of joy and appreciation. You will definitely find best friend presents online that signifies your friendship in the most beautiful manner.
  • Friendship Photo Album – Organise all the treasurable moments and capture your most memorable time spent with each other in a photo album. If you don’t want to lose these moments ever, a photo album would be the ideal gift for friends.
  • Personalize Mug for Friendship Day – A gorgeous mug with a picture of you both on it that remarks your friendship in a great way.  A friendship day gift that will remind them of your never ending friendship.
  • Memory trunk – Last but not the least, A giant memory trunk on which the important dates and milestones of your friendship will be engraved. Within the memory trunk some gifts like flowers, chocolates, and a lovely handwritten message will be present. They will surely be impressed with your thought and be grateful to receive such gift. It is one of the best gifts for friends

If you are done with giving the same old ordinary gifts consider the above special as well as creative gifts for friends that will embrace your friendship to whole new level and remark this memorable day as a special one.

This friendship day make your friend feel on the top of the world with best friend gifts. If you want to solve problems and start a new relationship with your long lost friends give a headstart with extraordinary friendship day gifts

Lastly a true friend is the one who has not only been there to celebrate when you are at top but the one who has always been there to wipe your tears and pick you up when you are at bottom.

Balloon Surprise to Add Amusement and Creativity in Your Celebrations

Seeking for something fun and adorable? Here are some amazing ideas that come with a balloon in a box to add excitement and artistry in your gift. Enjoy occasion and its fun elements with your loved ones though the personalised balloon in a box. Shower your dear ones with love and care by presenting them with this innovative balloon suridea.

Surprise your close ones with an endearing balloon surprise that will leave them with one word ’wow’. Let it be any occasion you can make it extra special with creative and unique surprises that are way above the ordinary gifts you have been giving every year.

Balloons are already so cute and fun, right? You can make it even more exciting with a creative idea associated with it. For example, ‘Pop me’ balloon in a box within which confetti are showered upon you for a small twist.

Balloon in a Box  –  Special Ideas that will Bring a Huge Smile to Your Loved Ones

An ideal choice is  to present your special someone with these incredible balloon gift ideas that will lit up the occasion like anything. It is a heavenly beautiful gifting concept that consists of unique surprises in the form of a customisable balloon in a gift box . It is so unique that your gift idea would be lauded and be admired by everyone. The receiver will also be delighted to receive such a lovely and thoughtful gift on their special day.

Experience the best balloon gift delivery with these special balloon gift ideas that will add delight to their big day. Take them on a thrilling yet joyful ride with these creative balloon surprise box that they have never imagined of. Create a prolonged impression in their minds with these trendy balloon presents that they would be pleased and grateful to receive.

Personalised Balloon in a Box- Ideas to add Flavour to the Special Gifts

  • Cuddly Balloon Gift Box

A lovely concept in which a cute teddy bear wrapped in a ravishing balloon that holds a sweet message that depicts your love and affection towards the recipient.

A personalised message that is placed upon the balloon to make the him feel special.

  • Unfolding Balloon Gift Box

A concept in which it when the receiver unfolds box as instructed, a surprise balloon float out with an endearing message on it to bring a wide smile to their face.

  • Burst Out Balloon Gift Box

A concept in which the receiver snaps a balloon and finds himself showering in decoratives to make his day blissful and bring out his true emotions on his face.

  • Inflate it Balloon Gift Box

A concept in which the receiver blows in the balloon to find a hearty message on the balloon that will completely melt their heart.

Wish them in an unexpected way where they would make their own surprise gift

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her that will be Appreciated the Most

Your wife plays an integral part in your life- she is the one who starts her day with you and ends it with you, her life revolves around you and the family. She completes you, directs you and holds your hand no matter what. As time passes, your relationship hits a successful milestone that needs to be commemorated . It could be the 1st, 3th or 10th year of your anniversary, surprise her with the best anniversary gift.  Express your endless love and take your relationship to a whole new level. Add sweetness to the occasion by picking a lovely anniversary presents for your life that will she will always adore.

It is difficult to say your wife how you feel about her and express your love merely in word. Gifts are a special way of conveying to her your heartfelt emotions. You make her feel as happy as she was on her wedding day with an extraordinary gift.

Therefore we have prepared a list of anniversary gift ideas that you can especially treat her with:

Traditional Gifts

If you have been married for a few years then you might want to go the traditional route. It would be a safer option to give your better half a traditional gift that they would be happy and satisfied with. Traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, cakes etc will be favourable for any occasion to celebrate the joy. Consider our traditional anniversary gift ideas to give her a simple yet adorable gift.


Enjoy cake cutting and celebrate joyful moments of life together. Add sweetness to life and appreciate her contribution in your life.


If  you want to show all your emotions with a single gift, present her with some enchanting flowers that will convey your hearty wishes to them.


A luscious box of delicious chocolates that will crave her taste buds for more taste.

Personalised Gifts

Being married for many years means that you have already given many unique anniversary gifts over years, narrows down a list of anniversary surprise presents so to find a completely new gift is difficult?

If you want to make this day a complete bliss go for the personalised gifts that will evoke happy memories and serve as a delight to the recipient. Impress them with unique anniversary gifts that shows that you have put in some extra time and effort for it. Give them a memorable gift that they can treasure forever. Appreciate them with a token of love in the form of a personalised present. Consider our specially personalised Anniversary gift ideas that will make her smile at the first look

A personalised Mug

Let your partner know the love and bond you both share with an adorable mug. Enjoy moments of romance while sipping from this mug with this near-bringing gift. A beautiful picture of you and your sweetheart on this personalised mug will be awesome.

A personalised Necklace

Want to win the heart of your darling? A lovely necklace that will have heart shaped pictures of both you and your partner. Whenever she looks at the necklace it will remind her of your endless love. It is the best anniversary gift for women.

A personalised Cushion

What better way of celebrating your love than giving a personalised cushion that will have a picture of both of you. A fantastic cushion to embrace happiness in life and preserve the treasure of love altogether.

Sending Flowers For Your Loved & Dear Ones

sending flowers for your loved ones

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods. We observed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. This response was worldwide, arising in all age groups. Flowers make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to greater than before contact with family and friends. Flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods. Flowers are a perfect gift idea for all occasion. You can never go incorrect with flowers. Whether you want to woo your girlfriend/boyfriend or want to surprise your mother/father or any member of your family or just want to say I am sorry to your best friends, one main thing is that roses express love and flowers will do all the talking for you.

Take all the pride to offer you fresh and exotic range of flower arrangements that will leave the receiver speech less. You can visit our abundant of flowers in our store that we offer for all and for every occasion. No occasion will go uncelebrated with our elite range of flowers. Have a gaze below –


As one of the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation, it’s no surprise that roses are among the most admired and evocative of flowers.

Red Roses

Red roses are associated with beauty and perfection, a time-honored way to say “I love you.” Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or just to express gratefulness on any old day, there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses to express your feelings.

White Roses

White Roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings.  Whether stately or somber, a bouquet of white rose is a perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Pink Roses

Pink Roses are also fabulously versatile when you have something important to say. Whether they’re for your best friend, fiancée or ever-dependable cubicle mate, a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship. With their warm, sunny nature, a bouquet of yellow roses apt to light up the room, making them a perfect way to say thanks, get well, congratulations or just, “Hey, thanks for being with you.”

Orange Roses

Orange roses will get the message across with both enthusiasm and elegance. Whatever feelings you might be bubbling over with—enthusiasm, passion, gratitude.


Orchids carry an unrivaled suggestion of refinement. They became a sign of luxury and refined tastes. They make a perfect gift during wedding, anniversaries, birthdays as well as a great corporate gift!


Gerbera daisies have become a favorite flower choice for expressing cheerful sentiments, innocence and purity. When you want to send the gift of cheer, Gerbera daisies are your sure choice. Gerbera daisy become a favorite choice for many various occasions like birthdays, get well, congratulations, thank you and many more.


Flowers really give you positive spirit and liveliness. Indeed flowers are a stress reliever. Flowers symbolize friendship, love and well-wishes. If anyone gives you flowers your initial reaction is that you will be happy. Flowers have meanings that will serve as a language to let the recipient know how you feel. They have soft petals, sweet fragrance, and an amazing attractiveness that can catch anyone’s heart and eyes. So, if you want to say anything, just say it with fresh & exotic Flowers.

How To Surprise Your Lovely Girlfriend on Her Birthday

How To Surprise Your Lovely Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Love is the best. So are surprises.

Your girlfriend may know you love her, but all now and then, giving her a nice surprise for no apparent reason can emphasize the sentiment and earn you a few fairy opinions in the process. There’s no harm in showing your love in a different way and the best being through gifting. It’s simple: Just listen to her! A successful relationship starts with listening to each other. Now when I have convinced you to be more romantic and do something out-of-the-box for your girlfriend or wife or lover. Being in love you must have realized that a gift can do wonders in your relationship, especially if the recipient is a woman. These surprises can be used for any occasion, but they may have the greatest effect when done at random rather than during a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday, or after a fight.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Candles, notes and candy do, too. Romantic Surprises like cupcakes that Will Make Your love Fall for You All over Again:

Leave them a paper trail that leads to a loveable birthday surprise, tell them how much you love them in cute little paper sparkle stars, can’t go wrong with candle letters and flower petals, come up with the idea of having a luxury dinner, and ask your partner to cook it for you – or demand, Write out how much you love them on a window, put hearts on their sandwich before you give it to them, organize a romantic picnic on the beach, plan a trip to a nice city without telling him or her in advance, gather a few of their favorite things, paint their nails or spell it out with cookies or candy or Post-It notes, Picnics work, too! Beside all this online gift portals helps you for sending gifts to your love. Just what you have to do is plan for her and believe me it hardly takes five minutes. Even if you are not that good in planning surprises or don’t have much time, all you have to do is book her gifts in Bookthesurprise and just wait for her love-filled call or text.

Note: Spend much of your time with your love so that she will feel much happy for you. Just keep on understand each other which bonds your relationships.

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