Top 5 Occasions to Plan for a Musical Surprise for Your Loved Ones

We all like listening to music and it is our favourite pastime. Obviously, everyone has different tastes in music and we play our favorite ones on our wish. Some people like jazz, some like rock, some like pop music  and some like classical music. Music is played to remark the special event with soulful melodies & rhythm and sometimes just for the name of it.

Music is pleasing and soothing to hear & express feeling that can’t be expressed in mere words. It displays love, passion, and closeness between people.

Musical surprise is suitable for almost any occasion and also is a good gift for music lovers, but here is our top 5 pick of occasions that are essential to include music in it:

  • Birthday

The most famous music in the whole world has to be the happy birthday song. A birthday without a ‘Happy Birthday Song’ is incomplete, sung by all of the close ones of yours that include friends, family, office colleagues and other loved ones.  It sometimes involves a surprise when a guitarist music or band master plays music on your birthday with a tint of surprise elements.

Are you wondering how to host house concerts for kid’s birthday party?

The occasion of birthday event is celebrated by a musical surprise to make your loved one move gracefully. For a kid’s birthday party it is a good option to add guitar music surprise as kids love music and do not hesitate to dance & enjoy themselves throughout.
You must be knowing your little one’s favorite song! So, why not surprise your kid with a creative musical surprise idea?

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  • Anniversary

A wedding anniversary also a perfect occasion for playing guitar music. A couple always knows each other’s likes & dislikes in music. So, surprise the couple with the favorite songs of both playing one after the other in a pleasant manner. A musical surprise would make the moments last forever.  This surprise with music would make the couple feel like hero and heroine of a movie.!

  • Valentine’s day

Turn your place into a romantic venue filled with beautiful romantic music when your loved one arrives back after a long day at work. Imagine the happiness and the smile that will cover his face. The talented musical experts are there for a fun and entertaining surprise – The fantastic musical ideas are sure to impress your sweetheart on this day of love and romance.

Make that Valentine’s Day dinner just a little more special with a surprise performance of live music at home.  

  • Engagement

Are you unfortunately going to miss your loved one’s engagement?  You can make these joyous occasion count by arranging musical surprise for the happy couple.

A wedding is a blissful occasion where two individuals take vows to spend their entire life together. It is a significant event in one’s life where the couple receives wishes and blessings from their family members. If your best friend is about to get married in a few days, you must be call for a  surprise with music. Make the beautiful couple dance to the rhythm of the song and get absorbed in the melody of the song.

  • Farewell

You want give your colleagues a gift to show your appreciation as well as give him an alluring goodbye. After all, they are your extended family away from home who always come up with the best solutions for your work problems. Get them a musical surprise at their workplace to enjoy these last departing moments in glory.


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